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Franchise Franchise Description Initial Fee Net Worth Required Financing Available
 CGF 0001  Mobile dry-cleaning delivery service  $49,500  $100,000  SBA
 CGF 0004  Commercial and residential swimming pool maintenance,repair and renovation  $22,000 $100,000  Yes
 CGF 0012  Home-based hardwood floor refinishing business  $35,000  $50-$100K  Yes
 CGF 0016  Specialty Coffees and Teas  $27.500  $500K  Yes
 CGF 0029  Commerical Cleaning  $40-$75K Area Developer  $50K  Yes
 CGF 0041  Full service moving & storage company  $35,000  $75k-$100K  Yes
 CGF 0064  Pizza restaurant  $25K or $35K  $250K  Yes
 CGF 0068  Specialized financing services for expanding companies  $36,000  $200K  No
 CGF 0073  Signs, banners, trophies, ad speciality items  $40,000  $100K  Buyer
 CGF 0080  Provides hearing, screening and fitting & sale of hearing aids  $30,000  $100K  No
 CGF 0081 Authentic Philly cheesesteak shop   $27,500  $50-$100K cash per location  SBA/Third Party