Some time ago it became apparent that a significant number of people were becoming disenchanted with the corporate world and that a great number of very talented individuals were being cast adrift in cost cutting and downsizing campaigns. Many of these men & women possess great talent in various areas of business but feel uncertain in other areas and desire support. This, coupled with a lack of capital, frequently discourages them from acquiring the $500,000 to $15,000,000 “business of their dreams”. Franchises generally offer a level of support and a roadmap to success not offered by a pure acquisition and a franchise can often be started for a great deal less capital than can an acquisition or pure start up.

Several years ago, we met and were able to affiliate with a gentleman who is considered something of a guru in the franchising industry. We have grabbed onto his coattails and have been able, with his assistance, to establish relationships with the franchises listed on "Available Franchises" chart. If you are sincerely interested in exploring a particular opportunity and have the requisite capital, send us an email and let’s talk. The Carswell Group will guide you through the process of evaluating available franchises to make the correct choice. We only work with top quality franchise companies.  Because of that, they do sell quickly and opportunities are limited.  Call us today for a no-cost/no-obligation evaluation of your experience, background, and vision. We’ll help you find the best franchise available.

I have featured several which I have found particularly appealing to me but this is by no means a complete list.