At The Carswell Group, we believe that small business is a sacred trust. Small business owners and entrepreneurs not only create wealth for their own families, they also enable others to create wealth, marry, buy homes, raise and educate children. Small business owners are the backbone of our communities and this nation. Small business is the engine that drives the greatest economy in history.
Located in Louisville, Kentucky, we have served clients in Nashville, Bowling Green, Lexington, Cincinnati, Columbus, OH, Dayton, Columbus, IN, Indianapolis, Evansville, Owensboro and Pittsburgh, PA. Our affiliations have expanded beyond local and regional associations to include a substantially national presence.
We created this website as a resource for:
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to grow their businesses organically.
  • Owners wishing to explore the process and implications of ownership transition.
  • Those interested in acquiring a new business or making strategic business additions.
  • Persons interested in the value of their own businesses or the value of potential business acquisition targets.
Because we want to help you succeed in your business endeavors, our site features an index of blind listings, registered buyers and franchises, as well as a brief description of our processes and policies for your convenience.

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