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Buyer's Profiles

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Buyer Number Description Desired Business Description Misc Information Deal Capacity
IN 0001 Corporate Executive Manufacturing & Distribution Greater Louisville Marketing Area   $2MM
IN 0002 Corporate Executive Manufacturing-Esp wood products GLMA   $2.5MM
IN 0003  Entreprenure Communications; Controlls; Distribution/Manufacturing Indy, Lexington, Louisville, Northern TN   $10MM
IN 0004  Mechanically inclined manager Auto service related-tires, etc. GLMA   $750k
IN 0005  Corporate Executive Mechanical   $1.5MM
IN 0007 Corporate Executive Manufacturing & Disrribution-South central Indiana   $5MM
IN 0008 Former Corporate CPA Building Materials/fencing Northern KY   $3MM
IN 0009  Corporate CEO Service or Tech related Noblesville IN area   $5MM
IN 0010  Former Business Owner High Return  Liquor Store Chain for Ex $10 MM
IN 0011  Corporate CEO KY So IN area   $5MM
IN 0012  Salesman Manufacturers Rep Group   1MM
ST 0001  Ind/Corp Material Handling/shelving   $2.5MM
ST 0002    Corporate I T repair  IL area $5MM
ST 0003  Corporate I T repair  IL Area $5MM
ST 0004  Corporate I T Repair Cincinnati Area   $5MM
ST 0005  Corporate Wood Products Manufacturing  Custom Cabinetry 10MM
ST 0006  Corporate I T Services  Indy Area $5MM
ST 0007 Corporate Envelope Converter  Regional $5MM
ST 0008 Corporate Plumbing/Electrical/Mechanical/HVAC  GLMA $5 MM 
ST 0009 Corporate  Ad Spec Dist   NO KY/Ohio $3MM 
ST 0010 Cprporate  Ad Spec Mfg  Fla/So GA/Alabama $5+MM
ST 0011 Corporate  Plastic Cards  Fla $7.5MM
ST 0012 Corporate  I T service  150 mi around Memphis $2MM 
 Various Corporate and Individual buyers   Plastics Manufacturing Various (4)    
    Metal Stamping (4)    
    Mechanical Contracting (3) Primarily non-union KY, IN, Ohio, IL, TN  
    Wood Products Mfg (3)  Especially Cabinetry/millwork  
    Printing opportunities (2) $3MM and $10MM+    
  Private Equity   We are in touch with approximately 35 Private Equity Groups seeking investments ranging from $5MM up. Manufacturing, franchising, food, chemicals, transportation-almost any sector/niche of which you can think that can not practically be taken off shore.
We have worked with several to complete transactions and with others well enough to get to know them.
 ST 0013  Corporate  Flexographic Label printing  National  $25MM
 ST 0014 &15  Corporate  Medical Billing  National  
 ST 0016  Corporate  Collection Agencies (primarily medical)  IN, OH, PA, KY  
 St 0017  Corporate  Bulk Dry Haul (except petroleum)  National  
 ST 0018  Corporate  Freight  National  
 Number of Corporate  Corporate  Several Screen Printing  IN, KY, OH  
 Number Individuals    Mini Mart, C-Store  IN, KY, OH  


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